Masato Takasaka
Garage Days Revisited (Redux)
Marc 29 - April 11, 2021

Untitled (STUDENT NO. 93208225L)
Acrylic and pencil on canvas
96 x 96 cm

Untitled #6 Garage Days Revisited
Acrylic on canvas
31 x 31 cm

Garage Days Revisited is a series of repeated paintings. After a twenty odd year hiatus from painting, Takasaka returned to a painting made in his last year of high school, 1994, which had been kept by his parents in their garage. In 2016 Takasaka began remaking, or repeating, this painting in smaller versions with slight variations. Garage Days Revisited (Redux) at Disneyland Paris features the original painting shown for the first time, alongside one of its repetitions from 2016.